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Ed note: The following is a post by guest author Jeff Carey who is a candidate for the COMMON Board of Directors.

I’ve been a proud member of COMMON for almost 20 years now and a volunteer for about 6. Attending my first meeting in 1993 in New Orleans, I was struck with seeing a cross section of the (what was then) AS/400 world. Coming from a small shop at the time, I was thrilled to see that yes there were those with the same issues as I had. I was even more thrilled to find out some answers that helped me. I, for the first time in my professional life, felt part of a community.

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Is COMMON relevant?

COMMON today isn’t what it was a few years ago. And it certainly isn’t what it was when it started.

And that’s a good thing.

From a kitchen meeting in 1960, to two yearly meetings of thousands at our peak, to the current offerings of COMMON, COMMON has the one characteristic of all enduring organizations: the ability to change.

For a long time, COMMON was mostly our meetings. “I’m going to COMMON.”

From a financial perspective, that’s still somewhat true. The Annual Meeting is a huge slice of our revenue and expense pie. I believe the Annual Meeting is extremely relevant. It provides a unique place to network with experts and users and to see the cream of the crop in Power System vendors all under one roof. It provides exactly the kind of concentrated experience that we all need in this “doing more with less” world.

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