Migration Phase 2

The migration of the mailing list server from in house machines to Amazon AWS hosted VM’s continues.

Tonight the following lists were migrated…

  • RPG400-L
  • JAVA400-L
  • LINUX5250
  • BPCS-L

This leaves only MIDRANGE-L to be migrated … this will be done this weekend (1/12).

As a reminder: If you have made any modifications to your firewall or email spam service to allow midrange.com mail through, you will have to update it again with the new information.

Host namelists.midrange.com

Note: The new list server has SPF records published, mail is signed with DKIM, and DMARC policies are published.

Also, if you are using the ‘List-Id’ header in messages for filtering purposes, you will need to update the compare value to include the new server name.

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