Migration Phase 3

The final list, MIDRANGE-L, has been migrated to the Amazon AWS Lightsail server.

The migration has a bit rocky, but I think it’s been successful.

When I say the migration was rocky … the issues were not of a technical nature. The technical migration went extraordinarily smoothly. The issues came from email providers blocking or delaying email delivery.

Special thanks to all those who helped test the migration … especially those who helped with the initial technical testing: Jon Paris, Mark Waterbury, Richard Schoen, and Bruce Vining.

Because moving the lists to the AWS servers, I’m able to shut down much of the hardware running in my basement. I just have one machine left running … and that will probably be shut down in a week or so.

I’ll also be able to discontinue the Comcast Business internet service, which was rather expensive.

Migration Phase 2

The migration of the mailing list server from in house machines to Amazon AWS hosted VM’s continues.

Tonight the following lists were migrated…

  • RPG400-L
  • JAVA400-L
  • LINUX5250
  • BPCS-L

This leaves only MIDRANGE-L to be migrated … this will be done this weekend (1/12).

As a reminder: If you have made any modifications to your firewall or email spam service to allow midrange.com mail through, you will have to update it again with the new information.

Host namelists.midrange.com

Note: The new list server has SPF records published, mail is signed with DKIM, and DMARC policies are published.

Also, if you are using the ‘List-Id’ header in messages for filtering purposes, you will need to update the compare value to include the new server name.

Migration Phase 1

I’ve started the process of migrating lists to the new list server host.

Because Yahoo wants me to ‘warm up’ the new sending IP address, I’ve decided to migrate the lists in phases.

The first batch were active, but relatively low traffic lists…

  • pctech
  • c400-l
  • cobol400-l
  • consult400
  • domino400
  • midrange-jobs
  • midrange-nontech
  • web400
  • wdsci-l
  • opensource

In order to accomplish the phased approach, I had to do some Apache config & rsync gymnastics so that the migrated lists would be handled by the new host while the unmigrated lists were handled by the old host.

So far everything appears to be working OK.

The next batch of lists will be migrated on Tuesday, January 8th. This includes…

  • RPG400-L
  • JAVA400-L
  • LINUX5250
  • BPCS-L

Finally, next weekend (1/12), I’ll migrate the biggest & most active list: MIDRANGE-L.

If you have made any modifications to your firewall or email spam service to allow midrange.com mail through, you will have to update it again with the new information.

Host namelists.midrange.com

Note: The new list server has SPF records published, mail is signed with DKIM, and DMARC policies are published.

Fix The Problem

This blog post was started a LONG time ago … after moving the blog from my in-house server to an external server, I’ve decided to finish it.

This may sound like a no brainer … but I’ve found this bit of advice is sometimes ignored…

Fix the problem, not the symptom!

I’ve been struggling with a bug fix for the past few days, trying to figure out what was going wrong.

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Happy Birthday IBM i

Happy Birthday IBM i!

This video was taken during the 2013 COMMON Annual Meeting & Conference in Austin.

Unfortunately they didn’t include my wishing IBM i a Happy Birthday (where I promised not to sing).

I have to say, IBM i (formerly System i, iSeries, & AS/400) has been extraordinarily good to me and my career.

I got involved in the IBM ‘midrange’ platform while working for my uncle’s company (ALP Lighting) reporting to my dad, who was the IT manager, as a Jr. Programmer.

From there I worked as a developer for a number of companies … starting on the S/36 and advancing to the AS/400 almost as soon as it was released.  I remember going to the product announcement event down town at (I think) the Blackstone Theater.  The “Silverlake” was such a poorly kept secret, they started the event by playing Marvin Gaye’s “I heard it through the grape vine”.

As it happens, midrange.com will be 20 years old this September.

Power Systems Job Board

Recently the Power Systems Academic Initiative launched a Power Systems Job Board featuring entry level and internship positions:  powersystemsjobs.com.

If you are a Job Seeker you will find a list of computer-related technology jobs available today in business, health care, government, and other organizations that are looking for skills to satisfy their Information Technology needs. Each posting clearly defines the opportunity, requirements and preferred contact information. Our IBM Power Systems Academic Initiative staff updates the page daily.

If you are an employer we encourage you to list your IBM Power Systems/IT-related job opportunities with us.  The IBM Power System Academic Initiative membership in North America includes over 50 colleges and universities teaching IBM i, AIX and Linux skills. Students learning these skills are eager to reach out to you and become part of your business team. Job posting is very simple – no registration, no membership, no password, and no fees. Simply contact our IBM Power Systems Academic Initiative staff and we’ll do all the work involved.

19 Years

Today is midrange.com’s 19th birthday (using the domain registration date).

Next year will (obviously) be 20 years that midrange.com will have been providing free resources to the IBM i (System i, iSeries, & AS/400) community.

We need something to mark the event.

I’ve got some ideas … but would be interested in hearing what the community thinks.

Post your ideas in the comments section.


Have DDS Files Finally Gone Way Of The Dinosaur

If you are still cranking out the traditional physical and logical file with DDS I think it’s time to get up to speed with SQL for both creating and querying files. For a long time I held onto using DDS, but with the capabilities in SQL if you are still clinging to DDS I think you are blowing it big time like I was. Let me explain.

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Justin Porter — COMMON BoD Candidate 2012

Editors note: The following is a post by guest author Justin Porter who is a candidate for the COMMON Board of Directors.

COMMON has survived quite well through the financial crisis—in no small part due to the dedication of its members, volunteers and staff who wish to see COMMON continue providing top quality education into the future.  Now past its fiftieth birthday, COMMON’s future looks as bright as that of the platform we represent.  Looking to the future, we must begin to answer the question of “where is our next generation of members?”  This very question is the reason I have become involved with COMMON as a volunteer over the last several years—I want very much to be a part of the answer to that question. Continue reading “Justin Porter — COMMON BoD Candidate 2012”