New Search Engine

I’m experimenting with a new search engine for the mailing list archives and need a some folks to help test it. If you’re interested in helping out, please go to and try some searches. PLEASE use that URL, as the actual URL may change at some point and I’ll update the short URL to […]

News Server

As many of you know, it’s possible to access most of the mailing lists via a news reader (nntp) using the news server. Now, however, it’s also possible to access the lists via a news reader using a news server! Visit for information on how to do this. In order to […]

New Hardware

Minor announcement …’s mail server has been upgraded. It used to be a Dell PowerEdge 600SC (2.4ghz P4, 640mb ram, 160gb dasd). It is now a Dell PowerEdge SC430 (3ghz P4 Dual Core, 1gb ram, 160gb dasd). The old server wasn’t failing, and was still capable of doing the job, but it was quite […]