Migration Phase 1

I’ve started the process of migrating lists to the new list server host.

Because Yahoo wants me to ‘warm up’ the new sending IP address, I’ve decided to migrate the lists in phases.

The first batch were active, but relatively low traffic lists…

  • pctech
  • c400-l
  • cobol400-l
  • consult400
  • domino400
  • midrange-jobs
  • midrange-nontech
  • web400
  • wdsci-l
  • opensource

In order to accomplish the phased approach, I had to do some Apache config & rsync gymnastics so that the migrated lists would be handled by the new host while the unmigrated lists were handled by the old host.

So far everything appears to be working OK.

The next batch of lists will be migrated on Tuesday, January 8th. This includes…

  • RPG400-L
  • JAVA400-L
  • LINUX5250
  • BPCS-L

Finally, next weekend (1/12), I’ll migrate the biggest & most active list: MIDRANGE-L.

If you have made any modifications to your firewall or email spam service to allow midrange.com mail through, you will have to update it again with the new information.

Host namelists.midrange.com

Note: The new list server has SPF records published, mail is signed with DKIM, and DMARC policies are published.