First, I’d like to say “Thank you” to David Gibbs, who kindly offered this opportunity to this year’s Board of Directors candidates. Having an open platform for all of us to share our views on COMMON can only be a benefit to the electoral process.

Here we are, getting ready to celebrate COMMON’s 50th Anniversary, and like the IBM i platform itself, discussions surrounding COMMON’s future (many of them negative) continue. While bringing our concerns to light is appropriate, we must also look for solutions to the challenges we face.

The current Board has faced a number of difficult decisions in their term, and although most of us are more than willing to comment on the decisions made, we may not all be privy to the circumstances of each decision. I run not to place blame or to necessarily reverse any of their actions, but rather to lend my support and ideas to the discussion, for the benefit of COMMON and the IBM i community as a whole. There may not be one `right’ answer to the issues we face, however, we must act quickly to stem the tide of COMMON’s fiscal situation.

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