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Fix The Problem

This blog post was started a LONG time ago … after moving the blog from my in-house server to an external server, I’ve decided to finish it. This may sound like a no brainer … but I’ve found this bit of advice is sometimes ignored… Fix the problem, not the symptom! I’ve been struggling with […]

Understand the problem

I’m kind of annoyed with myself right now. I spent the past two days trying to come up with a solution … when I didn’t really understand the problem I was trying to solve. Now that I understand the problem … I realize that the solution I was creating (which was deceptively simple) was completely […]

Context Is Key

Ha! I’ll bet you thought this blog was dead. Well, in the words of Miracle Max, only mostly dead. I’m in the process of reading a new programming book (well, not new to some … new to me). I’ll probably post a review in a week or so (yeah, right). Anyways, it got me to […]