Back in February, IBM Systems Magazine ran an article “The Name Game” by Neil Tardy.

Yours truly was quoted in the article … but Neil only mentioned the names of my wife and my laptops (lorien & rohan respectively).

For the record: The main mail server that runs is named ‘rivendell’ and the primary web server is named ‘gondor’. There used to be a 3rd system in the mix, named ‘theshire’, but it’s been since retired.

Neil mentioned that I even named the System/36’s that I worked with in a previous job. He neglected, however, to give the names of those systems.

They were Colossus & Guardian (from Colossus: The Forbin Project by DF Jones.

When I worked at SSA, we had boring system names … SSAUSCH1, SSAUSCH2, etc, but we gave them a little spice by changing “SSAUSCH” to “Sausage” … so we referred to systems as “Sausage 1”, “Sausage 2”, etc.

At MKS, we also have boring names for our systems … IL400SV0, IL400SV1, etc … but there’s no fun adaptation we can use.

So, in the comments below, tell us how you’ve named your systems and why they are named that way.

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