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If you are still cranking out the traditional physical and logical file with DDS I think it’s time to get up to speed with SQL for both creating and querying files. For a long time I held onto using DDS, but with the capabilities in SQL if you are still clinging to DDS I think you are blowing it big time like I was. Let me explain.

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For years we have been hearing of its demise, even IBM tried to drive a stake through it’s heart with the much fangled Java? but ye old 5250 emulation, also known as green screen, and the programs written to run on it just won’t die.

After eleven years as an administrator, programmer and manager using the AS/400 and now the IBM i Power System, I still hear that frequently murmured phrase; green screen what? Frankly people need to realize that to do things the right way it’s about using the right tool for the job.

It’s not new, cool and it is definitely not sexy. The CIO might not like to talk about it at the IT steering committee meetings, but the character based green screen programs excel particularly when it comes to heads down data entry which typify most development on the IBM i. That is just a fact.

Do you want something flashy and alluring or something that actually works?

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Everyone keeps harping on how our beloved AS/400s, iSeries and IBM i systems are going the way of the dinosaur but nobody seems to offer a way to remedy the situation. Many folks keep criticizing IBM for not running more space ads in industry publications or on television but I think they are missing the bigger picture.

The reality is regardless of what the computer platform is, the only thing that will bring customers on the i system is the need to have business problems solved. Without innovative software solutions there won’t be anything to attract or retain customers.

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