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Have you seen the IBM iSeries Info Center lately?

The old info center’s navigation panel was a Java applet that was problematical at best. More often than not I could not get it to work properly in one browser or the other.

IBM has recently revamped the navigation panel for the info center … changing it from a Java applet to JavaScript. The change is nothing less than amazing. The page loads very fast (no more waiting for the jvm to load), and direct links to sections in the documentation works every time.

It all started from a message posted by Jeff Crosby in MIDRANGE-L titled “Another opinion on InfoCenter” that ultimately ended up with a post by IBM’er Darel Benysh asking people to check out the new V5R3 Info Center.

A few comments made in MIDRANGE-L …

The new one works very well, Darel! I’m impressed. It even works properly in Firefox under FreeBSD 🙂 Nice job!

Scott Klement

This is sooo much better.

Bryan Deitz

I like it works really well with Firefox 1.04

Bob Anderson.

The speed of the menu is now fantastic. Links TO InfoCenter articles from, e.g., the IBM Support search go right there – fantastic

Vernon Hamberg

So it’s clear that IBM is listening … and the results are quite positive.

Keep it up IBM … it’s greatly appreciated.

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