Yeah, I know … this blog isn’t getting the activity it probably should.

Problem is, I’m a technician … not a writer.

However … it might be worthwhile to take note of some of the recent improvements to midrange.com …

  • DSL speed has been upgraded from 768 to 1100.
  • If you land on a page in the archives from one of the major search engines, you’ll find the search terms you specified highlighted so they are easier to identify (thanks to a rather cool javascript module I found at http://fucoder.com/code/se-hilite).
  • It’s now possible to advertise on midrange.com websites via Google’s AdWords program. Details can be found at http://www.midrange.com/advertising.htm.
  • Anti-Spam measures have been implemented on the midrange.com wiki.

That’s all there is to report right now. I’ve got some time off this month, so you might see some more improvements pop up.

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