For those of you who have been paying attention, was nominated for a System i Innovation Award in the Community Support category.

While we didn’t win the award (Trevor Perry of won), it was quite an honor to be a finalist. It certainly shows that people have noticed, and appreciate, the work that I’ve been doing.

System i Innovation Finalist

The award ceremony was quite enjoyable … the food and entertainment was quite good, and we met a number of new people. It also goes to show that us System i folks can clean up pretty well.

After the Innovation Award ceremony, I was informed that I had also been nominated for another award … and it would be presented at the iSocial (formerly known as CUDS) on Wednesday … sadly, I was unable to stay to receive the Gibraltar award (for outstanding service to the System i community).

Gibraltar Award

I really would have liked to been able to stay to receive the award … I even had a a speech prepared … but there was work to be done.

All in all, I did enjoy the time I spent at COMMON. As is usually the case, I wasn’t able to do half the things I wanted to. But I met a lot of people and had a good time.

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