Technician, fix thyself

Similar to the old saying “Physician, heal thyself” … I certianly should live by those words.

Today I was chasing down a problem on one of our systems at work … a program that works fine on V5R2 wasn’t working on V5R3.

I was 99% sure the problem was in an i5/os server program … and even found a APAR that described the problem almost to the tee. Unfortunately, the PTF identified in the APAR didn’t help.

So I called IBM and opened a PMR … I got transfered to Colleen in the languages group, who looked at the job log and source fragment I sent, and sent me a reply indicating that the following link might be useful:

DOH! Maybe I should have done a bit more research myself before opening up the PMR.

I made the adjustments identified in the MIDRANGE-L posting and, lo and behold, the program worked perfect.

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