COMMON Board Elections

Time for a little politisizing here … well, not really.

With the COMMON conference a few months away, the COMMON organization announced the candidates for the next board of directors election.

Running for the three board positions available are …

  • Pete Helgren
  • Jeff Carey
  • Kevin Mort
  • Jim Oberholtzer
  • Ron Pilcher

I’ve offered each of the candidates (with the exception of Ron, who I haven’t been able to contact yet) a guest author spot on this blog. As usual, it can be about anything “i” related … but the intention is that it would be about COMMON and what they can bring to the organization.

So far I’ve received commitments from Jim, Pete, and Jeff. I’m hoping Kevin & Ron will agree to contribute also.

Watch this space in the next few months.

BTW: If someone can get me contact information for Ron, I would greatly appreciate it … I would like to extend this offer to him also.

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  1. Pete and Kevin have my vote for sure! I don’t know the others as well. On the subject of COMMON I did notice that they are doing one of their COMMON Directions conferences online which I thought was a good change to save on costs. This makes me wonder what would happen if COMMON was the leader in producing the next generation of online conferences. Online conferences aren’t new (i.e. RPG Web and Beyond by Penton is one that I have participated in) but they lack some of the “features” of the on-site conference like networking and post-presentation talks with the speaker. What if COMMON put together an online conference where some of those things were addressed? For example, what if you as an attendee could have access to a private forum specific to a session to ask questions of a speaker and also see what others were asking for questions. That seems like a natural next step in online conferences.

    Aaron Bartell

  2. It’s kind of creepy that in 2010 a COMMON Board candidate doesn’t have an easy to find public email address.

  3. It’s kind of creepy that in 2010 a COMMON Board candidate doesn’t have an easy to find public email address.

    And that nobody seems to know him (at least nobody that I know).

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