Richardson: The Amazing Resilience of the AS/400

I ran across an interesting post by Bruce Richardson of Infor:

When I joined Infor a few months ago, I was surprised to learn that so many companies continue to run our software on the IBM System i platform. This was a product line that many analysts, myself included, had started to write off 15 years ago.

My second surprise came when I saw how happy customers are with the platform and our software. Our System i customer retention rate continues to be several points higher than our 93% level average across all of our products.

Definitely worth a read.

My favorite part is ‘Does Larry have a case of ‘AS/400 envy’?’

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  1. I read that article too… quite interesting but of you would sort of assume a positive note from a company that is highly leveraged on i systems.

    This is in rather stark contrast to Bob Cancilla saying the platform is on the way out the door.


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