IBM i in the Cloud?

There’s a very interesting article in The Register (written by Timothy Prickett Morgan) about IBM getting into the ‘cloud’ computing space.

One of the most interesting parts, at least to me, is the reference to IBM i …

Ric Telford, vice president of cloud services at Global Technology Services, says that IBM understands that there is a requirement to support its own IBM i (formerly known as OS/400) proprietary operating system on the Smart Cloud Enterprise+ cloud, but did not offer any estimate of when this might be available.

I’ve always thought that IBM i was a good candidate for cloud based services & storage.

Think about it … since IBM i is based on single level store, we don’t care WHERE the storage is … we just care that it can be addressed.

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could specify a specific cloud storage service as a virtual storage … and your application’s wouldn’t need to know where it was, just it’s address.

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