Blogs for LUG’s

I’m pleased to announce a new free service for IBM i Local User Groups: Blog hosting.

Oh yeah, you say, big deal … there are lots of free blog hosting services. What makes your so special?

Well, how many IBM i oriented LUGs hosted in the ‘’ domain?

The blogs will be hosted in a multi-site WordPress system … so you can get have a domain name like ‘’.

The blog can be used for anything related to the LUG …

  • Meeting announcements,
  • Board meetings,
  • Events recaps
  • Photos
  • etc.

RSS feeds and twitter integrations will be available.

A basic set of plug-in’s and theme’s are already available … and I’ll be happy to install any additional plug-in’s & theme’s that you want (within reason).

Contact me directly at if you would like to use this new service.

NOTE: Since the initial posting of this blog entry the scope of the site has been expanded to include ALL IBM i related content.  See for more information.

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