Microsoft targets iSeries

Looks like Microsoft is taking aim at iSeries … We look at the iSeries as having this well-deserved reputation as superintegrated and ultrareliable — Tim O’Brien, a senior product manager at Microsoft If you read the article, there are a number of great marketing points that IBM should pick up on… there are iSeries customers…

iSeries From The Outside

Another interesting thread on the rpg400-l mailing list and (hopefully!) another interesting article. What began as a simple question of where new RPG programmer talent would come from turned into a discussion of the iSeries position in the marketplace. The thread can be viewed here with a follow up thread here. The point made in…

Happy Birthday to Us!

Today is 11 years old. Of course the concept behind is even older … the domain was registered 11 years ago. I find it quite amazing that something that started as a 286/8 Compaq Portable II with a 2400 baud modem could have grown into something as useful as this.

Resurecting the old IMHO section

I’ve decided to repost some of the old IMHO articles that were on Currently I only have Dean Asmussen’s articles (who passed away in the spring of 2003) as sort of a homage to his memory. I’ll have to contact the other authors to make sure they want their old articles reposted.