The New AS/400

Being a member of the AS/400 Advocacy Group mentioned in today’s “Midrange Computing Monday Morning Update”, I was given a little pause. With little doubt, the article was fair. The latter should be expected from a magazine whose existence depends as much upon the survival of the AS/400 as does our own. However, nobody from […]

Speak For Yourself, IBM

You’ve done it, I’ve done it. For years. Almost everyone we know over the age of 18 has at one time or another. After you’ve been married for a while it becomes less frequent, but it still happens. Sometimes it’s the best you’ve ever had, others, it’s not very rewarding for either party. Often, you’re […]

The Death of ERP (AS/400?)

Thanks to Booth Martin for the inspiration of this article. Booth asked “(speaker said) ERP is dead. When did this happen? Who is next of kin?” As I responded to Booth, ERP was dead before they came up with the acronym. Its’ forebears were JIT, MRP II, and MRP. Same product, different wrapper. Yes, the […]

So Many Subjects, So Little Time

Let me start off by saying that my server crashed just before the first of the month (taking most of my unread e-mail with it), and if I haven’t replied to you by now I’m probably not going to. I still have everything saved, but AOL doesn’t seem to want to read it. An upgrade […]


A great deal of bandwidth has been expended on both MIDRANGE-L and other forums regarding IBM’s advertising (or lack thereof) of the AS/400. The whole “Magic Box” campaign, oft referred to as the “Tragic Box” campaign, appears to have been an attempt to keep those that managed to ruin the fantastic chance OS/2 had to […]

Who Needs Y2K

This is NOT really what Dean looks likeTomorrow is my birthday. Other than the (so far unverifiable) fact that that it will be the brightest full moon since the Lakota Sioux supposedly took advantage of it in 1866, a nonevent overall other than that it’s also the first day of winter in the northern hemisphere […]