The RPG Cycle. JSF would like it, but can’t have it.

I was sitting here at my desk after replacing the window motor in my van pondering this thought: “Man, I think JSF is trying to emulate the RPG cycle with it’s ‘Life Cycle’ (click here), the exact thing that so many RPGers are trying to get away from.” Or maybe it is better stated to […]


By now most everybody has heard of the term SOA which stands for Service Oriented Architecture and if you are like others, including myself, you have been inundated with high-level zero-informative type explanations that abstract the definition out to the point of no return. In this blog entry I would like give my take on […]

Upgrade Rule 1: BACKUP!

I’d like to take a moment and remind everyone of the first rule of software upgrades … no mater how confident you are of your upgrade procedure, it is absolutely critical that you … BACKUP YOUR DATA! I’m currently dealing with a situation where someone did not do a backup before performing a upgrade, and […]


<sigh> Even IBM can’t figure out what to call the AS400 / iSeries / i5. Recently I visited a IBM web page that was describing a local event … here’s a fragment of what is displayed: Take a look at the title … then look at the body. The title refers to eServer iSeries … […]

What RPG Needs

An interesting thread has received a lot of attention recently on the rpg400-l list with the subject “RPGIII to get a facelift?” (see here to browse it in the archives). Among the many posts in this thread is one by Scott Klement that makes the point that in order to get people to move from […]

The Legacy of H1-B Allotment Increases

The ‘experts’ finally agree that we’re in a recession here in the United States. Well congratulations. Someone certainly ought to win the Nobel Prize in Economics for that belated revelation. The judging shouldn’t be counted off for the fact that it took a tragedy of horrific proportions to get these ‘experts’ to actually read the […]