Even IBM can’t figure out what to call the AS400 / iSeries / i5.

Recently I visited a IBM web page that was describing a local event … here’s a fragment of what is displayed:

Take a look at the title … then look at the body.

The title refers to eServer iSeries … while the body refers to eServer i5.

How can IBM expect the industry to embrace the system if there’s no clear name for it?

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  1. But.. I have heard this explaination though. The i5 is a model type within the iSeries family. Just like the 810 is a model within the iSeries family. Either way it is still confusing.

  2. > The i5 is a model type within the iSeries family

    If that were the case, then they should be refered to as “eServer iSeries i5” instead of “eServer i5”.

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