IBM Engineers DO have a sense of humor

It seems that IBM engineers have a sense of humor … as noted in: IBM eServer iSeries Support: PTF Cover Letter: SI17148

Before applying this PTF, stand and say three times: I will not permanently apply a TEST PTF

Thanks to Elvis Budimlic at Centerfield Technology for pointing it out in MIDRANGE-L.


  1. Gee, I wonder what heppend to make him write that comment???

    Reminds me of the guy who programmed the front panel on the S/36 to show ‘dEAd’ in the display for about 3 seconds just before the power went away completely. Unfortunatley the final release of SSP had that ‘feature’ removed.
    – Larry

  2. Well darn it … IBM changed the APAR to be normal, boring, IBMese.

    <snicker> Luckily I took a screen shot before it was changed 🙂

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