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I was having a conversation on Twitter, and… hm? Yes, Twitter’s one of those new-fangled thingies that nobody can really explain to you why you should be bothered with it. Yes, email works perfectly well, as do the telephone and the telegraph. This opinion piece isn’t about Twitter; it’s about why I think SEU is […]

Plans for 2009?

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What are your technological plans for 2009? Got any interesting personal projects that you’ve planning on undertaking? Any new technologies you want to learn? Personally, I’m going to make a concerted effort to get a better handle on web applications. I’ve been focusing so much on server side application code (interfaced from RPG, not the […]

Job Hunting

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This is an example of how NOT to send a resume to a prospective employer.

I was sitting here at my desk after replacing the window motor in my van pondering this thought: “Man, I think JSF is trying to emulate the RPG cycle with it’s ‘Life Cycle’ (click here), the exact thing that so many RPGers are trying to get away from.” Or maybe it is better stated to […]

How did we do? Well, it has been a mixed bag. Our interest in keeping the solution cross platform quickly ran aground as we faced the difficulty in getting the more entrenched RPG programmers to embrace Java as well as finding Java programmers who were comfortable in the System i world. We also got some […]

We initially began our iSeries modernization process with writing custom web apps using WDSC utilizing the Webfacing feature. I first learned about WebFacing at COMMON in San Antonio in 2004. At the time it seemed like the answer we were looking for. So, I purchased Claus Weiss’ book “Understanding the IBM WebFacing Tool.” This is […]

Five years ago I started a company with a few other folks who were trying to “save” a school administration system that was written in RPG that we did not own. In this particular case, the company that owned the software and the source code was really just using the customer base as a revenue […]

I have started to read more of Timothy Pricket Morgan’s (from here on out written as Tim) articles and am liking how he approaches the usefulness of the iSeries. What I mean by that is he realizes that some significant ground could be made in the RPG programming realm if the higher up stiff necks […]

By now most everybody has heard of the term SOA which stands for Service Oriented Architecture and if you are like others, including myself, you have been inundated with high-level zero-informative type explanations that abstract the definition out to the point of no return. In this blog entry I would like give my take on […]