COMMON 2009 & Al Barsa

The annual COMMON conference is just around the corner … this time in Reno Nevada.

Three significant things of note for this conference …

Al Barsa Memorial Scholarship

This is the first conference where the Al Barsa Memorial Scholarship will be awarded. While I don’t know who was selected, I have been told by Michelle August (Ex Director of the COMMON Education Foundation) that the recipient has been selected and will announced during the opening session. contributed $500 to the scholarship.

Board of Directors Elections

There are three open positions on the COMMON Board of Directors. There are five candidates for the positions … all of whom are well known to subscribers (more information on the candidates can be found at the COMMON website):

  • Bruce ‘Hoss’ Collins
  • Richard Dolewski
  • Léo Lefebvre
  • Pete Massiello
  • Trevor Perry

Presenting Sessions

This is the first conference where yours truly will be presenting sessions … and I’m jumping in with both feet. I’m presenting three sessions.

If you’re attending COMMON, feel free to stop by the sessions. Also, I’ll be manning the MKS booth (#525) in the expo. You can pick up a button there.

I’ll also have a small supply of ball caps with me … which I will be giving out to a few deserving souls.

See you there.

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  1. WRT the BOD elections: Maybe it’s a good thing I can’t vote (not directly a member) … I like all 5 of the candidates … and consider most of them friends.

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