Perhaps I spoke too soon?

At work I’ve been splitting my time between two projects … one project is IBM i based using RPG … the other is Windows/*nix based using Java. One of my gripes about the other project is that that some of the error messages we get are difficult to figure out because we don’t get enough…


Screw ups, flubs, accidents … everyone’s done them. Everyone will do them. They are inevitable.  We’re just human. So what’s your favorite flub?

‘Twas the night….

An ‘original’ poem by Larry Bolhuis … ‘Twas the night before Christmas in the IBM i house Not an admin was worried nor even a spouse. Their systems ran smoothly not so much as a care. Secure in the knowledge no virus would hit theirs. The sysops were talking about gifts of toy sleds While…

Another PTF Oops

Thanks to Bryan Dietz, we found another “oopsie” in a PTF cover sheet … Warning, this contains language that some might find objectionable … but most will laugh.


We temporarily interrupt this blog for a little levity & humor. Some IBM CE’s are called out to a advanced science research lab to fix a problem with a system. They are directed to the “Anti-Gravity Research” department. They enter the computer room to find the machine they are supposed to fix floating in the…