Using Eclipselink (Eclipse Persistence Services Project) with DB/2 on System i

This post is about Eclipselink and my experience using it with the System i. It also describes some problems I ran into so you can avoid them if you try Eclipselink. Eclipselink is Eclipse Persistence Services Project, version 1.0 was released July 9, 2008. See I wonÂ’t go into the history and general explanations. […]

System i 515 Review

Together with user based pricing (9407-) for i5/OS, IBM released two new hardware models which support this new licensing scheme – those are the 515 for up to 40 users with limited extension capability, and the 525 for bigger deployments. The 515 is mostly the same hardware as the 520+ (1.9 Ghz Power5+). So there’s […]