Microsoft targets iSeries

Looks like Microsoft is taking aim at iSeries … We look at the iSeries as having this well-deserved reputation as superintegrated and ultrareliable — Tim O’Brien, a senior product manager at Microsoft If you read the article, there are a number of great marketing points that IBM should pick up on… there are iSeries customers […]

Easy400 — Easy400 has a number of useful tools for internet technology resources for iSeries. The Easy400 site provides free tools that enable RPG and COBOL programmers to develop full-functional e-business solutions by just exploiting their current skills. All tools are delivered with sources.

Resurecting the old IMHO section

I’ve decided to repost some of the old IMHO articles that were on Currently I only have Dean Asmussen’s articles (who passed away in the spring of 2003) as sort of a homage to his memory. I’ll have to contact the other authors to make sure they want their old articles reposted.