2h7qdxiA co-worker was shopping for books today and noticed that amazon.com knows a bit about our industry (well, HIS job at least … he’s not an IBM i guy).

I would really be interested in knowing how amazon.com came up with that particular recommendation. Maybe it’s because he’s using a Mac (window buttons in the upper left hand corner are tell tale).

Even so … I would think, since you don’t have to worry about viruses; database & program incompatibilities; etc, using an IBM i would make for a far less stressful environment.

Perhaps it’s actually a reverse recommendation … which I happen to agree with … anyone NOT using an IBM i should be evaluated for dementia.

Actually … on second glance … it appears that the recommendation is being made because “Wayne Madden”, publisher & editor at System i Network, is listed as author of the IBM i book and illistrator of the other book.

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David is a Principal Software Engineer for PTC, Integrity Business Unit. He cut his teeth on the S/36 and has more than 25 years of experience on the IBM i / System i / iSeries / AS400. He primarily works in Java and ILE RPG specializing in cross platform integrations. David has received the COMMON Distinguished Service award and was named an IBM Power Systems Champion. David is an active volunteer with the American Diabetes Association's Tour de Cure fundraising bike ride. He is currently captain of Team RED Chicago. David runs and maintains midrange.com. His personal blog is Geeky Ramblings.