IBM i == Stress?

A co-worker was shopping for books today and noticed that knows a bit about our industry (well, HIS job at least … he’s not an IBM i guy). I would really be interested in knowing how came up with that particular recommendation. Maybe it’s because he’s using a Mac (window buttons in the…

404 Page

A while ago I was playing around with the archive server’s Apache configuration … and decided to have some fun with the “404” page. This is the result. Sometimes I crack myself up.

Aaron’s Video

Our friend Aaron Bartell produced a … um … interesting (yeah, that’s the right word) video while taking a break from writing an article for System i Network magazine. What do you think?

System i5 with USB ports?

Strange as it sounds … this is what I’ve observed on a new System i5 Model 520 we just took delivery of at work. I could be wrong, of course, but I do have pictures to back up the claim…   Here’s the backplane of the system …     Here’s a closeup of the…