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I ran across an interesting post by Bruce Richardson of Infor: When I joined Infor a few months ago, I was surprised to learn that so many companies continue to run our software on the IBM System i platform. This was a product line that many analysts, myself included, had started to write off 15 […]

Here’s a quick tip for troubleshooting API calls: If you are calling an API and notice that data you are expecting isn’t being provided, verify that you are allocating enough space for the return values and telling it how much space you’ve allocated. Many APIs require you to allocate space to hold the returned info […]

There are a few IBM i related videos that were created by IBM (during COMMON in Reno) starring various community luminaries.

Plans for 2009?

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What are your technological plans for 2009? Got any interesting personal projects that you’ve planning on undertaking? Any new technologies you want to learn? Personally, I’m going to make a concerted effort to get a better handle on web applications. I’ve been focusing so much on server side application code (interfaced from RPG, not the […]

Norm Dennis made a very interesting comment in response to a post by a person new to the system … Well firstly, it’s not an AS/400 it’s an E Server I Series, er , i Series, um, System i, oh stuff it, Trevor can you explain? While Norm did make the comment in jest … […]

This post is about Eclipselink and my experience using it with the System i. It also describes some problems I ran into so you can avoid them if you try Eclipselink. Eclipselink is Eclipse Persistence Services Project, version 1.0 was released July 9, 2008. See http://www.eclipse.org/eclipselink/ I wonÂ’t go into the history and general explanations. […]