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Build a Tool

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Over the past few months I’ve become quite a tool builder. The project I’m currently on involves a lot of really repetitive code changes and analysis … basically I’ve been externalizing as much of the text in the product as I can (to message files). There are a LOT of display files to be analyzed […]

I was sitting here at my desk after replacing the window motor in my van pondering this thought: “Man, I think JSF is trying to emulate the RPG cycle with it’s ‘Life Cycle’ (click here), the exact thing that so many RPGers are trying to get away from.” Or maybe it is better stated to […]


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Well, it appears that IBM is getting ready to give us a taste of what V6R1 is going to include. http://www-03.ibm.com/systems/i/os/i5os/v6r1preview.html Not a lot of details … I think the redpaper mistake earlier reported is probably more telling than the ‘Preview’ information. [tags]ibm, system i, iseries, i5/os[/tags]

Looks like IBM had a but of a flub on the ‘Redpaper‘ site … a redpaper showed up on my planet.midrange.com RSS feed with the title ‘i5/OS Program Conversion: Getting ready for i5/OS V6R1’. The abstract was quite interesting … Abstract: IBM® plans to deliver i5/OS® V6R1 in 2008. With this new release, IBM will […]

Back in February, IBM Systems Magazine ran an article “The Name Game” by Neil Tardy. Yours truly was quoted in the article … but Neil only mentioned the names of my wife and my laptops (lorien & rohan respectively). For the record: The main mail server that runs midrange.com is named ‘rivendell’ and the primary […]

Finally, the Super Bowl is over. Done. Finito. And am I glad. Oh that was one painful evening. I’m not sure who felt the most pain, me or that guy grimacing as he did a great job of butchering the national anthem at the opening. Clearly, he was in need of some morphine and I […]


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Yeah, I know … this blog isn’t getting the activity it probably should. Problem is, I’m a technician … not a writer. However … it might be worthwhile to take note of some of the recent improvements to midrange.com … DSL speed has been upgraded from 768 to 1100. If you land on a page […]

Have you seen the IBM iSeries Info Center lately? The old info center’s navigation panel was a Java applet that was problematical at best. More often than not I could not get it to work properly in one browser or the other. IBM has recently revamped the navigation panel for the info center … changing […]

I went to witness the April 21 hearing in the SCO vs. IBM case. It was a fascinating and enlightening experience. I had never been to court before and it was much different than I had imagined. First let me tell you a bit about me and why I went to see the case. My […]

It seems that IBM engineers have a sense of humor … as noted in: IBM eServer iSeries Support: PTF Cover Letter: SI17148 … Thanks to Elvis Budimlic at Centerfield Technology for pointing it out in MIDRANGE-L.