Blogs for LUG’s

I’m pleased to announce a new free service for IBM i Local User Groups: Blog hosting.

Oh yeah, you say, big deal … there are lots of free blog hosting services. What makes your so special?

Well, how many IBM i oriented LUGs hosted in the ‘’ domain?

The blogs will be hosted in a multi-site WordPress system … so you can get have a domain name like ‘’.

The blog can be used for anything related to the LUG …

  • Meeting announcements,
  • Board meetings,
  • Events recaps
  • Photos
  • etc.

RSS feeds and twitter integrations will be available.

A basic set of plug-in’s and theme’s are already available … and I’ll be happy to install any additional plug-in’s & theme’s that you want (within reason).

Contact me directly at if you would like to use this new service.

NOTE: Since the initial posting of this blog entry the scope of the site has been expanded to include ALL IBM i related content.  See for more information.

Understand the problem

I’m kind of annoyed with myself right now.

I spent the past two days trying to come up with a solution … when I didn’t really understand the problem I was trying to solve.

Now that I understand the problem … I realize that the solution I was creating (which was deceptively simple) was completely off in left field.

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CEF Scholarships

Today’s post comes from guest author Randy Dufault … Randy is a former president of COMMON and is currently leading the COMMON certification team and member of the COMMON Education Foundation Board.

I went to college in a completely different era (read: I’m an old guy). I attended a state school as a resident and I actually recall hardly believing how low my first tuition bill was. I also recall, in comparison, the ridiculously high price I paid for the accompanying, required books.

Oh how things have changed.

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Maxava’s iFoundation: Helping the “i” Win

I appreciate David inviting me to discuss Maxava’s launch of iFoundation. As David mentioned in his blog post, there is certainly a component of “enlightened self-interest.”  We hope however that it is enlightened self-interest for all of us that make our livings in the IBM i community.

As you may know, Maxava is exclusively focused on the IBM i and is therefore very committed to the continuing success of the platform.

I recently used a horse racing analogy (although I fully admit to knowing little about horse racing) when talking to Seamus Quinn of the UK IBM i magazine “iNewswire UK.”

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COMMON 2011 Day 1 From a First-Timer

I have been in the community since around 2001. In those 10 years, I have been helped by many in that community countless times. Today, I got to see several of those people and I am sure by the end of the week, I will meet many more. Today was a whirlwind of events going from the First Timer session to a couple other sessions. Both very informative and valuable information I can bring back to my workplace. I knew going in that not only would I learn a bunch, but I would met new people.

I met someone from IBM who happened to grow up in Nicollet, MN. I found out that she is (if you stretch it quite a bit) is related to me. I talked to several vendors about bringing our IBM i Apps to the web and received information that I can use when we start our “modernization project” in the coming months. Most of all, I found out what I knew already, this community, this IBM i community is very friendly and very helpful. They are willing to strike up a conversation about just about anything.

I’ll write more as I have time.

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Nothing has changed …

Today I was reminded of one of my favorite catch phrases …

If nothing has changed, and something doesn’t work the same as it did before, than something has changed.

This happens very often when I’m assisting support with a problem … the customer will claim that nothing has changed, but the application doesn’t work anymore.

99.9% of the time there HAS been a change … just one that the customer is aware of.

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Jeff Carey – COMMON BoD Candidate 2011

Ed note: The following is a post by guest author Jeff Carey who is a candidate for the COMMON Board of Directors.

I’ve been a proud member of COMMON for almost 20 years now and a volunteer for about 6. Attending my first meeting in 1993 in New Orleans, I was struck with seeing a cross section of the (what was then) AS/400 world. Coming from a small shop at the time, I was thrilled to see that yes there were those with the same issues as I had. I was even more thrilled to find out some answers that helped me. I, for the first time in my professional life, felt part of a community.

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IBM i in the Cloud?

There’s a very interesting article in The Register (written by Timothy Prickett Morgan) about IBM getting into the ‘cloud’ computing space.

One of the most interesting parts, at least to me, is the reference to IBM i …

Ric Telford, vice president of cloud services at Global Technology Services, says that IBM understands that there is a requirement to support its own IBM i (formerly known as OS/400) proprietary operating system on the Smart Cloud Enterprise+ cloud, but did not offer any estimate of when this might be available.

I’ve always thought that IBM i was a good candidate for cloud based services & storage.

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